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About the official PEF/OEF data on this ILCD node

Quantis provides a EF-compliant datasets for free use by companies that implement official Product and Organisation Environmental Footprint (PEF/OEF) studies under any of the PEFCRs or OEFSRs piloted under the Single Market for Green Products initiative by the European Commission ( This free use of these mandatory datasets is granted for this specific purpose by the European Commission.

The LCI datasets can be used by any person or entity for implementing and using Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) studies and Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF) studies exclusively under the aforementioned 26 PEFCRs/OEFSRs and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the revised End User License Agreement (EULA) provided with each dataset (Food and Agriculture and Other processes). The granting of rights is valid until 31 December 2024, free of any charge.

For obtaining access to the node, please send an inquiry to and we will send you a username and password to login.

Note: Within the Environmental Footprint dataset, the results for water use might be overestimated and shall therefore be interpreted with caution. This problem has nothing to do with the impact assessment method or the implementability of EF methods, but occurred during the technical development of some datasets. All results remains valid and usable. The Environmental Footprint datasets will be updated in 2019 (which will automatically adjust the regionalized water flows).

! UPDATE ! The following three datasets were updated on 23 March 2020 (v1.14.005) after identification of an error affecting the Water use (water scarcity) impact category:

  • Swine; for slaughter; at farm; per kg live weight, EU-28+3 (UUID: 30a38945-9e9a-42a2-9217-46bae1349da3)
  • Swine; for slaughter; at farm; per kg live weight, ES (UUID: d818afac-ee5d-4a32-b87e-46420710d3df)
  • Swine; for slaughter; at farm; per kg live weight, DE (UUID: fb343ae9-b7e6-4321-b757-e2bfdd93fe03)

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